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I saw this link on Mental Multivitamin, and was interested to find that scientists now think there is a correlation between verbal and math skills and finger length that has something to do with hormone exposure in utero.

According to the study, if your ring finger is longer than your index finger, you will score higher in the math section of the SAT than the verbal section, and vice versa.

So I checked my fingers, expecting my index fingers to LEAP ahead. Not so. On my left hand, my ring finger is slightly longer than my index finger, and on my right hand the fingers are the same length.

I don’t know if it matters which is the dominant hand – I write with my left hand because They made me pick a hand in first grade (I guess ambidexterity freaked Them out or something), I cut with scissors and bat and kick right handed, I throw and eat left handed, and I do everything else with both hands pretty much, I think.

So you’d think based on this study that I would have scored about the same on the SAT math and verbal. Not. I took the PSAT once and the SAT twice. It’s probably bad form to talk about scores, but we’ll just say that my index fingers should be a LOT longer than my ring fingers. Or maybe I just didn’t live up to my potential in math?

Does this test work for everyone else?

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