Toddling Taste Maven: "Soap! It’s What’s For Snack!"

Today while I was fixing my hair, Hannah found her way into the soapdish. I turned around to see what was keeping her so quiet, only to discover Josh’s bar of Lever 2000 in her right hand, and my bar of White Tea and Ginger soap in her left hand. Each bar showed tiny teeth marks and was missing a bite sized chunk.

Sure enough, Hannah had taken a bite of each soap. She seemed to prefer the White Tea and Ginger flavor to the Lever 2000, and who can blame her.

Ever since her impromptu snack, Hannah has been walking around making spitting sounds, evidently trying to get the taste out of her mouth. She has also guzzled a lot of water, and attempted to get the soap out of her mouth with her hands.

Perhaps a lesson was learned.

In any case, the Toddling Taste Maven seems to have bestowed a four star rating on my soap, but only two stars on Josh’s soap. I guess that opinion might come in handy if you find yourself starving and stranded on a deserted island with only cases of soap to keep you company.

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