Tea Review: Bigelow Pomegranate Pizzazz

I am a big fan of pomegranates, so when I saw several boxes of Bigelow Pomegranate Pizzazz tea on the clearance cart at Meijer I decided to buy one. It was 40% off plus I (of course) had a coupon.

The tea is caffeine free, and claims to be 100% natural, although you know the term “natural” is not regulated at all so that means nothing. The ingredient list is as follows: apple, hibiscus, blackberry leaves, natural pomegranate and other flavors (what other flavors, one wonders?), orange peel, malic acid (whatever that is), licorice root, natural pomegranate and apple juices from concentrate. Impressive.

Upon brewing myself a cup of the tea, I was pleased to find that it tastes quite nice. Fruity, pomegranate-y, not too sweet but not too tart.

However, I was NOT pleased with the aroma. The smell got to me so deeply that I could not drink the tea at all and I made Josh drink it instead. He seems to like it, so maybe it’s just my nose being over-sensitive, but whoo buddy, this tea STANKS.

It’s like if you bought a bottle of really really cheap fruity wine (like the $1.99 variety), opened it, drove to a very hot and sunny location and then left it open in the trunk of your car for a few days with some sweaty gym socks to let the sun beat down on it all. When you came back to your vehicle and opened your trunk, the pungent scent that would assail your nostrils would be reminiscent of this tea. At least, that’s my guess, I’ve never actually attempted that experiment, but that is what I imagined when I smelled the tea.

If you have a delicate sense of smell, I would suggest you skip this variety of tea, but if you can stomach strong odiferous teas, perhaps this one’s for you.

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