Potential Savings ZAPPED By Aesthetics

They say these lightbulbs are energy savers, that they last 7 years, that they will save you gobs and gobs of money. They say the light is “soft white” light. They say you can use them inside.

“They” are stinkers.

Having purchased three of these bad boys, at $2.38 each, I came home and tried them out in some of our lamps.

1) The light is VERY harsh and has a nasty blue tint to it. So much for “soft white” light.

2) The lightbulbs make the room look darker because they give off such a cold, blue light.

3) They remind me of those patio bug zapper things people used to have. Every time I walk past one, I feel like I’m going to hear a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzAPPP!

4) Josh thinks the light looks “medicinal.”

So much for the promised savings. Oh well. I can hear my aunt Fran saying in one of her funny voices, “Ah want mah seven dollah back!”

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