It Was Worth It

Since Monday, pretty much all I have done every second while Hannah was sleeping was the embroidery for this dress. Now it’s done and it was so worth it! I really enjoy embroidery, and if I had it to do over again I would have started sooner so I could have taken more time and enjoyed it more. Tomorrow I will post some pictures of Hannah actually wearing the dress! Sadly, it is going to be snowy and in the 30s here so she can’t go to church barefoot as I had planned.

I got the idea for this dress from a dress and sweater I saw at Janie and Jack. I was a little intimidated by it until I went back and looked at it again in the mall. The embroidery on their dress is quite obviously machine done and of rather poor quality for what you’re paying for it, and it’s unlined, etc etc. I did my own embroidery designs for Hannah’s dress and sweater, and I’m pretty pleased with them, although if I had it to do over again I might have made some changes. The four embroidery designs repeat around the dress in the back too, and there are slight variations since I was doing them by hand each time.

The sweater by itself
Closeup of the embroidery on the sweater. The flowers are done in Lazy Daisy stitch, which is one of my favorites.
The dress by itself: The sash is light peach ribbon, and goes through loops on the side to keep it from falling off, but still leaving it removable. It will have a bow in the back, and it’s long enough that some ribbon hangs down the dress too.
This panel is in satin stitch primarily, with backstitch for the stems
The blue flowers are supposed to be reminiscent of tulips.
Here are yellow flowers in Lazy Daisy stitch, and the pink flowers could be peonies or roses, depending on your preference. 🙂
The purple flowers are meant to be irises.

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