Do They Really?

I’m saving my review of “The Accidental Tourist” for next week’s book post, but I wanted to share this funny paragraph with you:

When Macon was small, he used to worry that his mother was teaching him the wrong names for things. “They call this corduroy,” she’d said, buttoning his new coat, and he had thought, “But do they really? Funny word, in fact, corduroy. Very suspicious. How could he be sure that other people weren’t speaking a whole different language out there? He’d examined his mother distrustfully – her foolish fluff of curls and her flickery, unsteady eyes.

Isn’t that wonderful? I remember wondering things like that when I was little, because sometimes a word sounds made up and you never know if people are just messing with you. I’m a gullible person, so people are always messing with me and then they roll their eyes and say, “You’re so gullible, it’s just not even a challenge.” One of the things I love about Josh is that he never does that to me! He’s a good man.

Also sometimes if you think about a word long enough it starts to sound stupid and meaningless, and you can sort of step outside of the word and wonder who had the idea of putting that particular sound to that concept anyway. Funny how language works.

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