Crisis Narrowly Averted

I guess the lethal combination of pregnancy scatterbrain and too much embroidering almost got the best of me. I recently sold three more things on eBay, and had them ready to go in boxes so all I would have to do upon receiving payment was print out packing slips and mail them. This afternoon I got a packing slip ready, put it in a box, sealed the box, addressed it, and had all but put it into Josh’s hands to take it to the Post Office for me.

Then, for some reason, as I sat feverishly embroidering on Hannah’s Easter dress (I can only work on it during her naps and after she goes to bed, and I’m a little behind), the package sprang unbidden to my racing brain. It was a small package in a thin sort of way. Awfully thin, really, to be holding a big plush toy from Pottery Barn Kids.

My jaw and my needle dropped simultaneously – I could almost hear that cheesy 1980s sitcom sound for “uh oh!” You guessed it, I had almost mailed that lady the wrong box. Imagine the problems that would cause for both of my buyers and for me! Ack! I raced downstairs, rescued the package from impending doom, and hastily repackaged the packing slip and labels on the RIGHT box. I quadruple checked it: PBK toy, PBK toy, PBK toy, PBK toy. Yes. Whew.

Crisis averted – albeit narrowly. But as they say, a miss is as good as a mile. Now I can settle back down to work on little peach flowers.

Except I just heard a muffled, “Mama?” coming from Hannah’s room. At this rate, the poor child will be showing up at church Sunday clad only in her birthday suit!

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