Beef: It’s What Was For Dinner

The thing about buying a year’s worth of meat is that you get all different types of cuts of beef for the same price. That’s kind of cool, since it does make the ground beef a little more expensive, but the steaks etc are WAY less expensive. Anyway, I’ve found that I don’t always have the foggiest idea what a given cut of meat really is when I defrost it. I mean, what the hay is “steak for swissing?”

Today’s challenge was marked “fillet – patties.” Yeah, that’s what I said too. I figured I would just cut up whatever it turned out to be when it thawed and make bulgogi because I’ve been feeling like having some bulgogi and as far as I know there are no Korean restaurants here.

When I opened the defrosted package, I found three pieces of meat inside. They had no bones, no fat, and were about two to three inches thick. Since I had bulgogi on the brain, I started slicing the pieces up, thinking to myself that “fillet – patties” must have been a mismark. Only as I finished slicing up the very tender meat did it occur to me that the meat pieces had looked a whole lot like really really expensive steak. The kind of steak one should enjoy whole, not sliced up in bulgogi sauce. Argh.

Oh well, the bulgogi turned out great. I ate my whole dinner with chopsticks, just for fun. I didn’t force Josh to eat with chopsticks, for which he was grateful. He does know how to use chopsticks, but he finds a fork more efficient. I have three sets of chopsticks, if you ever need any. All the meal was missing was some kimchi, and I mean that in all seriousness. I love kimchi. And all those little dishes of things that come with Korean food. Yum. Double yum.

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