Adventures in Bagelmaking

Today I made bagels, having been inspired by this post at Tammy’s Recipes. I thought making bagels would be one of those prohibitively-difficult things, to say nothing of the fact that I tend to recoil from recipes requiring yeast (I have a knack for killing the yeast and ruining the recipe). But the recipe I used seemed easy, and all the reviews on Tammy’s post indicated the bagels were awesome and not hard to make.

I found the recipe was easy to follow, except at the end when I couldn’t figure out if “turn” meant “flip over” or “rotate.” I went with “rotate” and it turned out fine. It was interesting and fun to try the part where you put the bagel dough in boiling water and then flip them. For toppings I made 6 of the bagels with parmesan cheese and 6 with cinnamon sugar topping. For some reason the cinnamon sugar bagels stuck to the cookie sheet during the baking step, and I’m not sure why, but it may have been the combo of egg white and sugar.

In future episodes, I will plan to do the egg white/topping step while the bagels are still on the rack drying from the boiling part. That way they won’t stick during baking. I’m also going to make 8 bagels instead of 12, because I thought the bagels came out a little small compared to our favorite Costco bakery bagels.

Overall we decided that these bagels taste great and are worth making again. Since I usually buy bagels every week from Costco for $3.50 per dozen, and this recipe only cost me about 50 cents in ingredients, I think it’s worth a little more experimentation.

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