Presumption of Possession Provokes Peeves

Tonight at dinner Josh and I were talking about people who take a store name and make it the possessive form, even if that is not the store’s name. For example, calling “Kroger” “Kroger’s.” It is a pet peeve of his, and isn’t my favorite thing either.

That reminded me of the little old man who usually greets shoppers at the Meijer I frequent. He’s a nice little old man, although he appears to be a little daffy and waddly.

“Welcome to Meijer’s!” he always says heartily, but he says it with an accent so it comes out sounding like, “Welcome to MARS!”

I’m often sorely tempted to reply, “It’s good to be back on the red planet, my friend!” or something equally silly. But then I think people with accents never get those type of jokes, so I refrain and just say “thank you.”

Who knows, perhaps he really is saying Mars after all. Perhaps on his off days from Meijer he greets at Walmart by saying, “Welcome to Jupiter!” But probably not.

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