Flowers That Last and a Budding Dentist?

Last Friday I took apart the arrangement I had done for the Afternoon Tea a few weeks ago. It was just starting to droop, so I cut all the pieces down, forced the lily buds open, and redid the flowers in three short arrangements mixed with a dozen roses I got for $4 at Aldi. Doesn’t it look pretty? Not bad for going on three weeks since I originally got the flowers! That was definitely $14.95 well spent – looking at fresh flowers every day has made me very happy!
In other news, Hannah got a non-motorized toothbrush that she is much happier with. She really enjoys brushing her teeth now, and often wants to spend the morning carrying her toothbrush around for spur-of-the-moment touch ups. Saturday Josh found her busily brushing her doll’s teeth. What a funny girl! And yes, she’s still wearing the Mardi Gras beads, and yes, she HAS added a bunch of clip on toys as “pendants” to her ensemble.

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