Despite her initial fascination with the spinning toothbrush, Hannah has now decided that said toothbrush is the world’s most frightening object and she screams bloody murder whenever she catches a glimpse of it. So I guess I will be using the special toothbrush, and I’ll get a non-battery operated toddler toothbrush for Hannah. At least with the rebate it was free!

In other news, I found that the two dresses I made for Hannah last July finally fit her, and they look a lot cuter on her now. One of them is in the picture to the left, taken yesterday in our backyard. The sweater is a little big, but she’ll grow into it. Oh gee, I think I’ve become one of those moms that always has her kids in clothes too big for them!!! There are worse things, I suppose – better too big than too small!

Our fun outdoor time may be on hold for a while now – today is cold and rainy, and there is potentially snow in the forecast for this weekend!

(Note: You can see more pictures of Hannah on the kids’ blog – I promise I’m going to be better about posting there, so you can go back to checking it if you took it off your blogroll due to my negligence!)

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