Some Sewing Projects

I got some more projects finished! My mom thought Jack needed his own blanket to sleep with, so she suggested this cute flannel to the left. I pre-washed it, then ironed in a double folded hem and hemmed the whole thing (I think it was about a yard and a quarter square) with embroidery floss in blanket stitch. I used all six strands of floss to make it bigger. It took two things of embroidery floss, but the effect is very cute. Speaking of embroidery floss, I know you don’t call them “things” but what do you call them? Skeins? Hanks? Anyway, you can read a detailed description of blanket stitch here. The whole Primrose Design website is great for sewing ideas, and her “stitch school” posts are always well done and informative.

I also finished a jumper for Hannah. It turned out a little big, so it will probably fit her better later this summer or fall. But I think it’s cute now too, even though it makes her look like a little pioneer girl from a wagon train. 🙂 You know how I love that though.

I found out while making this jumper that contrary to the assertions in my sewing machine instruction book, my machine does NOT make satisfactory button holes. What did I expect from the bottom of the line Singer, you might ask? Rightly so. After an hour of frustration trying to get the buttonholes to work on scrap fabric, I gave up and did them by hand. I don’t know if there is a proper method for making buttonholes by hand. I just sort of guessed and they came out fine and don’t look bad, plus they didn’t take very long to do, so I guess it will be handmade buttonholes for all my projects from here on out!

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