Days of Yore

Yesterday Josh taught me how to scan pictures on our printer, so I thought before I relegate this little stack to the “I’m sure I’ll get around to doing something with these pictures” box, I thought I would scan them and show you some pictures from the days of yore. Don’t laugh too hard, you might pull a muscle.

Little Me
Heidi, me, and Jen in our Royallettes uniforms. Ha ha ha ha. Can you believe we actually wore these uniforms to school every Friday? Well, we were thinner then…
Jen, Brandon, Luis, me, Kim, Sarah at Ramstein, towards the end of 10th grade
Elizabeth Dunlap, Kristy Webb, Mary Traylor Larus, me, girl whose name I can’t recall (sorry!), and Frances Groberg at the Five Year Celebration at Camp Greystone. Not sure what year this was.
Yes, this is me with a machine gun. Yes, I was shooting it, and yes, that is the target I shot at, and yes, I was pretty good, and yes, Josh thinks this is a funny picture!
Here I am in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I’m not wearing a bathrobe, that’s an abayya and you have to wear one there if you’re a girl, it’s the law. At least in Jeddah the embassy people didn’t have to issue a letter vouching that I was not a prostitute. In Riyadh, they had to do that, because women who stay in hotels without husbands or fathers or brothers are clearly up to no good…
Me with Laura D., before she became Laura B.
Heather, Martin, me, and Josh, at Friday’s some Sunday night. We were probably discussing infant baptism…
This was at the South Carolina Inaugural Ball in Jan 2004. I’m the one on the right. 🙂
Me, my brother Thomas, my cousin Andrew, and my cousin Sarah at our aunt Catherine’s wedding
Laura and me at her wedding.

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