Procrastination Challenge, Day 3

I have lost count of what day I’m on with the procrastination/clutter challenges. I think this is the third day. Anyway, my task today was to make a pair of overalls for Hannah. I bought the fabric for them the summer BEFORE she was born (not intending it for her, but the intended use didn’t work out), then I couldn’t find a pattern for cute overalls so I just made one up and cut it out. Today I actually got the sewing machine set up and sewed them up.

As I was sewing them before Hannah woke up, I couldn’t measure as I went along. I thought that the legs looked a little long, and considered putting in some growth tucks before finishing the ankles, but then I didn’t. I wish I had! When Hannah got up and tried the overalls on for size, the legs were WAY too long, and yet the torso was just barely long enough. Gr. I forgot she has a long torso. Oh well, I am going to wait until my mom comes out in a few weeks to see if she can suggest any way to make the legs a bit shorter. I had planned to fasten the flaps with buttons, but the buttons I bought were the wrong color, and now that the torso is barely long enough, I think I will have to go with snaps as fasteners to give the most space possible in the torso. Well, you learn as you go. I feel pleased that they came out as well as they did, given my mediocre sewing skills and the fact that I made up my own pattern. One thing I’m proud of is that the bodice is completely lined and covers the gathers of the legs, and the ankle bands also cover the gathers there, which I think makes the finished product look very cleanly done. That probably sounds like no big deal, but I’m pleased that I figured it out without instructions.

And at least my procrastination is behind me and the stack of fabric is off of my desk! Yay! Below you can see Hannah modeling the overalls. The doll co-starring in the shot is the knitted Hunca Munca doll my great aunt Marjorie sent from her home in Wales.

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