Hatching a Project

I have been thinking about making a twin bed sized quilt for Hannah’s bed. She’s going to be in the crib for a while longer, so I have time, it’s more a question of if my idea will work.

What I am visualizing is a quilt, 5 squares by 7 squares (each square being maybe 12 inches by 12 inches), with the squares being alternating lavender gingham and white. The white squares would be embroidered with a simple violet and leaf design (not necessarily the one pictured, I just found this online and thought I’d put it in to give you an idea). Then the quilt would have white edges and a white backing.

At first I thought perhaps I’d also embroider the gingham squares, using a very sweet embroidery technique for gingham that used to be very popular on little girl’s dresses in the 1940s and 1950s. Then I decided that might be too much muchness. I’m not sure if I would do any elaborate hand quilting of the top, or just tuft it. What do you think?

I’m picturing the bedskirt being white with lavender rick-rack trim, or maybe it would be the lavender gingham and I would do some pillows with rick-rack trim. And of course you can imagine the possibilities for curtains and a valance and tie-backs. My mind’s eye sees this as very Pottery-Barn-Kids-ish. But would I actually follow through and complete the project? It would be tons cheaper than buying bedding, and I do like to embroider. Hmmm.

I shall continue to ponder…

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