Halfway? And A Contest!

Here I am this morning at 20 weeks pregnant with Jack. It’s not warm here, but I felt like wearing something nice, hence the sundress. I put on a sweater after the picture taking, not to worry! Twenty weeks is the halfway mark, based on the official due date of June 7. Of course, fewer than 4% of babies arrive on their due dates, so let’s just say I’m not holding my breath.

Since Hannah was late, I’m telling myself to expect Jack to be two weeks late. I predict he will arrive on June 21, and will weigh 12 pounds, 6 ounces.

I figure, that way, if he’s earlier or lighter, I’ll be like, “Bonus!” 😉

Although I have gained less weight at this point with Jack than I had at this point with Hannah, I feel like I’m a zillion times bigger in the stomach. Maybe that’s because this is my second pregnancy, or maybe it’s because Jack is destined to be a 12 pounder. We shall see.

Here is the contest: leave a comment on this post with your guess as to the date of Jack’s actual arrival and how much he will weigh. The person who is closest in each category will get a prize! OK, maybe not a prize, but at the very least you will receive accolades beyond your wildest imaginings! You will scarcely be able to walk under the weight of all the blog accolades that will be piled atop your person! No really, it will be fun. My friend Jen had a similar contest going for her baby, and it was funny to see how wrong most people (myself included) actually were! Guess away and may the most accurate reader win!

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