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I have been meaning to post a review of one of the Christmas presents I got this year. My aunt Fran gave us the Shaklee Get Clean starter kit and it is the bomb. I had been wanting to switch to more organic/natural cleaning supplies, especially because I think when you’re pregnant you should be careful of the chemicals you’re around, and because Hannah and Josh don’t need the chemicals either! However, organic and natural cleaners are VERY VERY expensive at the health food store, and it’s tough to justify the expense. I’m also a little wary of products that I’m not familiar with, since it’s fairly easy to get scammed and pay too much for natural products.

The Shaklee Get Clean line handles both problems easily. The starter kit comes with one of just about everything you would need to clean your entire house top to bottom for a year (at least) plus products for your laundry (although not a year’s worth, still a lot), all in a very handy caddy with microfiber cloths and other cleaning tools. The cost of the starter kit is about a quarter of what you would pay for the same amount of organic, natural cleaning supplies at the health food store, by my calculations. It’s a little more than you would pay for conventional chemical cleaning supplies, if you usually shop sales and use coupons, but if you are used to buying cleaners at full price, you’d still save money with Get Clean, and be using better and more healthful products.

Another thing I like about the products is that they are all in concentrate, so you mix them up in spray bottles etc (easy, and the bottles come with the kit and nice labels) and then don’t have to store as many things, which is nice for me since we have no storage space in our house. The products are all very easy to use, and, unlike some other brands of natural cleaners, they are VERY EFFECTIVE. In fact, for example, I found when using the Shaklee products to clean our tub, I had to put in a lot LESS elbow grease than when I used to use Soft Scrub.

If you are interested in more information about Shaklee Get Clean products, you can contact my aunt Fran directly at fransfun{at}aol{dot}com, or look at the products via her website at

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