Conquering Clutter, Day Two

Another way I’m trying to conquer the clutter around here (check out The Sparrow’s Nest if you want to join the fun) is to sell stuff on eBay. I had been putting off the whole eBay business thing for a long time, but finally I bit the bullet. It’s truly amazing to me how much people will pay for things that I consider to be almost completely worthless, and then how LITTLE people will pay for items that actually have value. Mind boggling, really. I didn’t wind up making very much money, but I did get a LOT of stuff moved out of the house. Since we have very little storage, getting the clutter OUT is a major step in the right direction!

Here are some of my lessons learned from my eBay adventures:

  • Don’t list items for 99 cents, because if they SELL for 99 cents, you’ll lose money (what with listing fees, paypal fees, and so forth).
  • It takes longer than you think to put auctions up and monitor them. Maybe that is just because I am…thorough…and I have a 5 subject notebook dedicated to eBay with all the packed weights, measurements, specifications, starting prices, items that sold, fees paid, net profits earned…
  • In hindsight I would have charged a small (maybe $1) handling fee to cover expenses like packing tape, envelopes, labels, and shipping overages.
  • Getting a postal scale was a good investment and made everything a lot easier.
  • Check eBay first to see if similar items to what you’re posting are listed, but more importantly, are being bid on! You still have to pay the eBay fees if your item doesn’t sell (ouch).
  • Don’t have 22 auctions ending in one evening or you will be swamped the entire next day trying to send invoices, process payments, print packing slips, pack boxes, go to the post office, etc etc etc.

To whet your appetites for tomorrow’s procrastination challenge: WILL Catherine finish sewing the overalls she cut out for Hannah weeks ago? Better question: will Catherine START sewing the aforementioned overalls????? Please don’t let the suspense kill you.

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