Betcha Didn’t Know This!

Unless you have spent a lot of time soulfully gazing into my eyes, or unless I have already told you about it, you probably don’t know that my left eye is half green and half blue. Seriously. The top half is green and has a brown fleck in it like a freckle, and the bottom half is blue like my right eye. Since blue and green are so similar, it’s not that noticeable, but I’ve always thought it was kind of cool in a weird way. As Johnny Carson would say, “It’s weird, wild stuff!”

I looked the condition up online today and found out that the phenomenon is known, medically speaking, as “heterochromia” and can be an inherited trait or caused by illness or ocular trauma. Since I haven’t had any ocular trauma and I don’t have any of the dread diseases listed in the write-ups, I assume it’s hereditary. My dad has green eyes, my mom has blue, so for those who do Punnett squares for kicks, I guess I have at least some sort of green in my gene pack somewhere.

Interestingly, when I entered our eye colors, our siblings’ eye colors, and our parents’ eye colors into this site, it turns out Josh and I have a higher probability of having kids with green eyes than kids with blue eyes. Hannah has blue eyes, maybe Jack will have green.

Aren’t you psyched that at your next cocktail party you can wow your friends and casual acquaintances by dropping the word “heterochromia” into the conversation? You’re welcome.

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