This Week’s Christmas Project: Day One

I am going to a cookie exchange party on Thursday, and I said I would bring six dozen decorated sugar cookies shaped like camels.

Because the Three Wise Men rode camels, that’s why.

I have a Wonderful Plan for making and decorating the cookies, so today’s task was to make the dough and cut out the cookies, bake them, and store them. I used this recipe from Martha Stewart’s website. The recipe said it made two dozen cookies per batch, so I planned to make four batches, since some always turn out gimpy or break their heads off or something, so I figured two extra dozen would give me room to maneuver and leave me enough cookies to take to the party if Josh decided to thin the herd.

Yeah. I guess Martha, bless her sweet heart, uses pretty big cookie cutters. Because instead of EIGHT dozen cookies, I have a throng of FOURTEEN dozen camels. Yes, you read that correctly. It took me about three hours to roll out the dough and cut out the little boogers too because the little legs and feet kept getting stuck and falling off. In the picture at left you can see the dozens and dozens of camels waiting for the oven. Please note that in real life they do look like camels (the kind with one hump, not two, sadly), even though in the picture they look an awful lot like stegasauruses.

I got the cookie cutter in Saudi Arabia. It came in a pack that also included a palm tree and this type of ceremonial dagger they use there. I figured ceremonial daggers might be out of place at the party, so I stuck with the camels. Little did I know when I purchased them that the cookie cutters were smaller than standard.

But Shetland Camels are very popular with children, or so I have heard.

At long last the last batch has come out of the oven and as soon as they cool off I’m going to sleep!

Check back tomorrow for Day Two of the week long saga of the Camel Cookies.

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