A Series Of Unfortunate Events

I have been busy the past few days trying to finish up Christmas shopping and Hannah’s birthday shopping, baking and cleaning in preparation for parties, and so forth, along with the usual household activities.

Unfortunately, when I get busy, mistakes start to happen, usually in the culinary and coordination realms.

Wednesday night we went to our Christmas gift exchange party. I planned to bring gingerbread cake, which I have made many times before with great results. Normally, I use my 9×9 square cake pan. This time, however, I decided to get all crazy and make a round version of the cake. I just decided to use my 9in round cakepan.

We interrupt this fascinating story to remind 10th graders everywhere that you CAN use geometry in real life, it’s just a question of if you WILL use it, or if you will burn things. Ask yourself which you would prefer, and then get back to your homework.

As the cake overflowed the pan and began to burn and to fill my house with that lovely aroma of charred baked goods, I could hear my Geometry teacher explaining area problems, “Vee ahr goink to go and do ziss one hee-ah!” (We lived in Germany at the time, work with me on the accent thing).

After scraping the bottom of my oven clean and putting a pizza pan under the cake pan, I finished baking the cake and then attempted to get it on a platter. What a great plan, until the cake came out of the pan in a jillion pieces in spite of the greasing and flouring I had done in advance. Gr! I patched it together, used my sifter to cover it with copious amounts of powdered sugar, and arranged sprigs of fake holly all around the edges. It worked out.

Earlier that afternoon, I had fixed myself a cup of hot chocolate, pouring the boiling water over the powder and then heading upstairs where I was planning to read a little while until Hannah woke up from her nap. In my haste, I tripped on the stairs, spilling boiling hot chocolate all over my arm, and, worse, sending it splashing over all of the stairs! Argh! Instead of reading, I spent the rest of Hannah’s nap scrubbing the stairs with a solution of Shaklee Basic H and water. All the while, I was singing, “People neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed Shakleeeeeeeeeeeee…” (My aunt has a Shaklee business, and she sang that one time as a joke and so Josh and I always sing it when Shaklee comes up. Why am I telling you all this? Plot exposition has to go somewhere.) Amazingly, the Basic H worked wonders. The parts I scrubbed look like new carpet. I should clean all my carpets with Basic H! You should too!

Fortunately today went better, except that I was pretty exhausted from not going to bed until 1:30am (we were at the party late, then I had to make bread because I had proofed my sourdough starter and couldn’t leave it overnight or I would have had to start over), and then getting up early with Hannah, plus Paypal got all persnaggetty and refused to let me log in so I could pay for something I got on Ebay. We had friends coming over tonight, so I was cleaning and making things most of the day, in between picking up Hannah’s toys one hundred and eleventy-twelve times and reorganizing my tupperware collection.

Seriously, I did reorganize my tupperware and it was a beautiful thing. I like plastic containers stacked by shape and size with lids in pre-determined spots so you can always find what you’re looking for. The cabinet had fallen into disarray and it was stressing me out, so I redid it and the heavens opened up and light poured around me and a choir sang “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Well, not really, but it felt that good.

Now the dishes are done, the Paypal confusion is all ironed out, and all that stands between me and some much-needed rest is my inexplicable need to write a blog post.

More on priorities later.

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