Running Like My Hair’s On Fire…Because It Is

I have a memory from the Christmas when I was three years old. We went to the candlelight service at our church, and somehow I managed to catch my hair on fire. (Parents: Did that really happen?)

Fast forward to this morning. My six year old hairdryer has been acting kind of fritzy lately, but this morning as I hung my head upside down to dry my hair (adds volume), I noticed a funny smell.

Kind of like what you would imagine burning human hair might smell like.


Yes, dear reader, FLAMES were shooting out of my hairdryer at my hair. Luckily the hair was still pretty wet, so you can’t tell.

My mom left her travel hairdryer at our house on her last visit, so I chucked my old hairdryer in the garbage and grabbed the little travel one. It’s kind of little, and has a disturbing tendency to shut itself off every 73 seconds. But at least my hair is dry now. Thanks Mom!

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