The Perfect Tree (Sort Of)

Yesterday we got our Christmas tree. We have a place near us that sells trees for $20 each as a booster for some elementary school. That’s nice, but we just go for the cheap trees. This year apparently they had blue spruce and some other really nice kind, but by the time we got there all that was left were Scotch Pines. No biggie. We found one that was nice and full, had it trimmed, picked up some free pine and spruce branches for me to use in decorating, and headed home. Upon arriving home, I realized that the battery for the camera had fallen out in the tree place parking lot. It’s not just a Duracell or anything, it’s a Very Special Canon Battery Without Which The Camera Will Not Work And Which Costs Lots Of Money To Replace. Josh gamely drove back and hunted for it, and found it like the champion he is. Relief. Eventually we got the tree loaded into the tree stand and the lights put on. The ornaments are on too, and the presents set out, but I’m too tired to go downstairs and take a picture of it right now. Perhaps tomorrow. Until then, I leave you with this wholesome image of a family picking out a tree. Conveniently, it’s my family and not just some random extras making a brief cameo.

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