Slowly I am gearing up for Christmas. Tomorrow we are getting our tree, so I unpacked and organized our ornaments. Just for fun, I thought I would post some pictures of a few of our favorite ornaments. My tree decoration style is eclectic – I like that we have a lot of different ornaments from places we’ve traveled or reminding us of things we’ve done or people we’ve met. It is not the kind of thing that makes it into Martha Stewart Magazine, but I personally just don’t care for the “matchy-poo” style of Christmas tree decorating. Some of our ornaments were my favorites from growing up, which my parents gave to us when we started our own ornament collection. It’s fun to add to it slowly and reminisce as we decorate.
Without a doubt, the ornament above is my favorite angel ornament ever. She is just so funny looking! In case you didn’t notice, she is (how to put this delicately?) rawther prodigiously well-endowed. 🙂
The cloisonne pear and acorn don’t really remind me of anything in particular, but I think they are unusual and neat.
The canoe is complete with paddles and wicker seats, and reminds me of the Old Town canoes at Camp Greystone. If you have never been whitewater canoeing, you really ought to try it. It beats white water rafting hands down. I got the snowshoes when I was on a business trip to Alaska.
This leaping lad in Lederhosen is from Germany. He has jointed appendages so he really does jump. The prune man is also from Germany. My parents probably remember more what the significance of making a man from prunes is, but it’s a German thing. The prunes on my little guy are fake, which is nice, as I feel like real prunes might attract bugs and vermin, and you know how I feel about that.
Here we have the musical instruments section, which includes acoustic and electric guitars, drums, bagpipes, a piano, french horn, and a mountain dulcimer. We have a harp somewhere and also a violin, but I didn’t find them in time for this vignette. To my knowlege Josh does not play the bagpipes, but I would not be surprised if he got a set and learned to play them at some point. He is very good at picking up instruments, and he loves all thing Scottish. Well, except maybe haggis.
We have a collection of the annual US Capitol ornaments, if three of something counts as a collection. I like the one in the middle best.
These four ornaments are actually meant to be pendants, but I think they make better decorations on a tree. I found the Russian Orthodox cross (top) at a flea market in Moscow. The two in the middle were finds at a flea market in Paris. The bottom ornament is carved from an elephant tusk and belonged to my great grandmother.

Tomorrow, if we can get it together, I will post pictures of the decorated tree. I figure I should memorialize it just in case Hannah gets at it before Christmas!

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