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What think you, good readers, are Christmas cards passe for today’s young families?

My parents are very good at Christmas cardage. Every year they send out a pretty card with a family picture and a letter full of entertaining anecdotes to tons of people, many of whom they have not seen in like 40 years. In return, they get a lot of cards back. It’s always fun for me to go through the stack and read up on the accomplishments of people I don’t remember or kids who I haven’t seen since kindergarden. Seriously, it’s very interesting. Some letters are funny, some are full of gratuitious details about nasty sounding illnesses, and some are overly bragadocious.

Josh and I have not sent Christmas cards out in the four Christmases since we’ve been married. The first year, we had just sent out thank you notes for wedding gifts, and it seemed stupid to send out a letter saying, “In the two weeks since you last heard from us, nothing has happened.” The following year, we didn’t send out cards because I was busy traveling for work. Last year, I was desperately hoping to be able to send out birth announcement Christmas cards, but Hannah did not oblige. This year, I guess I won’t send cards because we don’t have an up to date family picture and Josh thinks our blogs kind of serve the same purpose as the yearly update letter.

True, most of our friends read our blogs. Still, there are people who don’t read them who it would be nice to stay in touch with, in that pleasantly non-frequent once-in-a-year sort of way.

The only Christmas card we’ve gotten this year was from my in-laws. I think the only one we got last year was from the Olivettis. Are people just not into Christmas cards anymore? Or have we just been black-listed from all of your Christmas card spreadsheets due to our own failure to card?

I’d be interested to hear your analysis of this phenomenon.

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