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Are you pondering what I’m pondering? I’m guessing the answer is no, unless in fact you are, like me, pondering the age old question of when to allow your toddler access to Coloring Implements. (Note: by “coloring implements” I of course mean crayons, and maybe colored pencils. I am not dumb enough to let kids under the age of 9 use markers in the house…at least not anymore. Oh the stories I could tell about babysitting kids with markers…)

Heretofore, Hannah has been forced to confine her artistic instincts to decorating with food. Judging by her mealtime masterpieces, which include but are not limited to Jackson Pollock style splatterings and adorning her hair, nose, ears, and torso with leftovers, I think she may have talent in this area.

Today I had the brilliant idea to allow her to use crayons. Due to her previous experience, Hannah initially attempted to eat them. I nipped that in the bud, but not before a chunk of Robin’s Egg Blue slithered down Hannah’s throat. We’ll see how that affects her digestive system. Once she stopped eating the crayons, Hannah tried to see how many she could fit into each hand at one time. Then she banged with them. Finally, she began to lob the crayons in various directions, testing their air speed velocity.

Any markings left on the paper were quite incidental, I assure you.

So I’m wondering, at what age are you supposed to start the crayon thing? Have I unknowingly held back my child’s artistic development by waiting this long? Or are you supposed to wait until kids know better than to eat the crayons and stick them up their noses?

Whatever the “right” answer is, I thought crayon time was pretty fun, and we’ll probably keep doing it. Look! I just saved oodles of money by not having to sign Hannah up for Baby Art Lessons. 🙂

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