Christmas Project Of The Week: Day Two

Today’s task was to frost the camels with a base layer of icing. I decided that would make them look more polished than if I just put on the decorations. I used the “flooding” technique described here to get the effect – first I piped an outline around each camel, and then I filled each one in. My icing was a little too runny so some flooded off the sides, but for the most part they look really great. They are not perfect, but that is why I don’t have a magazine named after me or a huge media empire.

First though, I sanitized my counters and covered them completely with plastic wrap. It’s at times like this that I appreciate having a kitchen island. I was able to fit 128 camels on the island, and another 21 on another patch of counter. The remainder of the camels have either been eaten or fell on the floor and had to be thrown out. It took over three hours to frost all of the camels using the flooding method, but I think the results are worth it. The reason I’m doing all this in short spurts is because I’m trying to work around Hannah’s naps or when she’s asleep for the night.

I’m pleased with how the color turned out as it dried. In case you ever need camel colored icing, my formula was one part green to two parts red and two parts yellow (liquid food coloring). It took some trial and error, but the end result is very nice.

Tune in tomorrow for the final pictures after I pipe on facial features, saddles, reins, and that sort of thing.

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