Celebrating My Birthday Like It Was Mah Berfday

At our house, we like to add the phrase “like it’s yo berfday” to something if we mean “going all out.” It was a really great birthday, so I think I qualify for the descriptor.

Today I turned 28. I feel pretty good about that. Sometimes people spend most of their lives trying to recapture what life was like when they were 16, or 21, or 25, or whenever they think they “peaked.” So far, I’m happy to report, I have not peaked at all. I’m still decidedly on the upswing. Certainly my life is exponentially better than it was at 16 or 21, and lots better than 25 too now that Hannah and Bean 2 are in the picture. I hope that I never have a peak year, because how sad is it to go through the rest of your life in downhill mode? Once I had a conversation about that with some coworkers, and one of my colleagues said she thought she peaked in fourth grade. I am almost positive that she was kidding.

Anyway, today I celebrated my birthday in the following ways:

  • I washed diapers, and was thankful to have such a fun and funny daughter to take care of.
  • I exercised, and was thankful for reasonably good health and good health for Bean 2.
  • I took my hairdryer to the carpet where the tree stand had spilled, and hoped that I was getting all the mold inducing dampness out.
  • I gave Hannah her first bandaid, and dutifully admired it as she showed it off for the rest of the day (side note, if you forgot about Hannah’s blog, you should check it out, as I have actually updated it recently and I think only Jen and Alicia check it anymore!)
  • I redecorated our Christmas tree.
  • I opened lots of nice presents. In addition to presents, Josh also got me a big bouquet of two dozen roses in an arrangement that was Christmas-y with evergreen branches mixed in, so it goes beautifully with the decor.
  • I got two packages – one from my aunt with gifts and decorating things for the cookies (more on that later in the week) and one from my parents containing another gift from them and some very yummy Lebkuchen. I love Lebkuchen. They are my absolute favorite Christmas cookies. Dad was just in Germany last week for a meeting, so maybe that is where they got them.
  • Josh got me a small birthday cake, which was nice since moms don’t generally get birthday cakes until their daughters are old enough to bake one for them. You can see the cake below. Yes, it does say “Happy Birthday Steve” and yes, he had them put that on purpose. It’s an inside joke, and it would take forever to explain it to you, and even then you probably wouldn’t get it. So take it from me, it was VERY funny!

  • I made sugar cookies. And more sugar cookies. And yet still MORE sugar cookies, but thank goodness I am now done!
  • I had a very nice conversation with my little brother who called to wish me a happy birthday.

All in all, it has been a most enjoyable and delightful birthday. I birthday’d like it was mah berfday, for sure.

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