At Long Last…Decoration Has Concluded

I love to decorate seasonally. Christmas is my favorite time of year to decorate for, and every year I do something different. I like to hit the day after Christmas sales at JoAnn’s and Michaels to get interesting things for 90% off to use the next year. It’s like my Dad always says (although he is being facetious), “Can you ever REALLY have too many sets of plastic grapes?”

Below are some highlights of this year’s designs.

Our front door wreath is a new plain evergreen base (the old one had to be thrown out last year, since, as you’ll recall, birds built a nest and laid eggs in it!). I made a bow from gold wired ribbon that has small red and green stripes that don’t show up in this photo very well. The red is picked up in sprigs of red berries, and also in the fruit clusters (apples, pomegranates, and pears). The fruit is dusted gold. The other gold accents are little gold acorn ornaments. I wish the color had picked up better in this picture, but it was beyond freezing out there and also very windy so I didn’t stop to finagle with the camera.
Our tree! The tree is so nice and full, and the ornaments fit perfectly. I put out my tree skirt (I made it out of material left over from making the bedspread that used to be on our guest bed, which Hannah destroyed by barfing on it when she was little but we still love her), and then arranged our packages. We got several presents from my family when we were out there over Thanksgiving, and then I also wrapped some for Josh and Hannah from me, and the ones for Josh’s family. I rearranged a lot of furniture to fit the tree in, and put a poinsettia on top of the antique table at left, in a silver Revere bowl to hide the flower pot.
I’m particularly happy with the mantel this year. We were able to collect a lot more branches from the tree lot this year, since we didn’t go at the very last minute, so I had a lot of fresh greenery to work with. I did a tall arrangement in a crystal vase, using greenery and sprigs of red and gold berries. I added the bow to cover up the ugly stem parts. Then I laid greenery accross the mantel and placed beaded pears and unbeaded pomegranates amongst the greens. On the right I set up seven candle sticks of varying heights. I should have taken a close up so you could see our stockings. My mom made my brother and me velveteen stockings with our names smocked on them when we were little. When Josh and I got married, Mom made a stocking for him to match mine (but boys get green stockings). Hannah has her own stocking too, which is to the right of mine. I think for purposes of symmetry, even if Bean 2 is a girl, her stocking will need to face the same way Josh’s does or things will be out of whack next Christmas!
I generally have an arrangement of acuba leaves on the piano, but I added in red and gold berries and a bow to make it a more festive arrangement. Around the base of the pitcher holding the acuba leaves are pinecones and more beaded pears. On the left next to the lamp are our hymnal and Psalter, held up by a green crystal vase my sister-in-law got for us in Hungary. The vase holds an arrangement of some neat seed pods spray painted gold, and some little apples and berries.
I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but I put little wreaths around each of the lights on our chandelier, and each of the little wreaths has little red berries in it. The centerpiece is in a tureen that belonged to my grandfather’s great grandmother. It has one broken handle so I put a bow on that side to cover it up. The arrangement is mostly greenery and berries and pomegranates.

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