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Frequent visitors to and commenters on A Spirited Mind tend to be parents, teachers and/or avid readers, and many have a creative bent.  Topics of interest include parenting, Christian living, education, books,  saving money, health, and fun or creative projects.

Sidebar Ads

Sidebar ads, which are 125 pixels by 125 pixels, run in the right sidebar above the fold and appear on every page.  I am currently selling ad space for $10 per month, but will offer a discount for purchasing space for multiple months.

Please email me for more information about sidebar ads or to buy ad space.

Book Reviews

The primary focus of A Spirited Mind is book reviews.  I accept a limited number of books for review on the blog, based on what I think will best line up with the interests of my readers.  I will only accept review copies if you are also willing to offer a giveaway copy for a reader.


I am open to hosting giveaways on A Spirited Mind.  At this time I can only accept giveaways that include shipping and a review copy so I can more accurately discuss the product in my post.  I run giveaways for one week, and offer readers a variety of ways to enter, including visiting your site, following blogs, Facebook, or Twitter feeds, and so forth.  Winners are chosen by a random number generator.  For more specifics or to discuss giveaway options, please contact me.

Other PR

I would be happy to discuss other PR options with you.  I only promote products on my blog that I feel are in line with my blog’s values and topics and that will interest my readers or be beneficial to them in some way.

If you have further questions, comments, or would like to run an idea past me, please feel free to contact me any time.

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