A Wrinkled Egg

There is a little store called “The Wrinkled Egg” near the summer camp I went to as a kid (yeah, they have a website – click the link if you need to send someone a care package). I always thought it was a cute name for a business, but did not consider the idea that some chickens actually LAY wrinkled eggs. For real. Seriously.

Last week my friend Diane brought me some eggs she got at a farm. I like farm fresh eggs, they are healthier for myriad reasons than those you buy at the grocery store, but that is a topic for another post. When I opened the package of eggs Diane brought me, I found the egg you see pictured at left.


Josh was totally grossed out by it and said I should not eat it. I started to wonder what would cause an egg to be so deformed? Was it’s mother subject to extreme stress? Did she watch too much television? Did she have a vitamin deficiency of some sort? Somebody get Mama Bird on some Shaklee or something!

I googled the condition and found some interesting news. Apparently hens with bronchitis will sometimes lay eggs with weak or wrinkled shells. Or it could be because of a calcium deficiency in the hen’s diet. More commonly, very old hens will lay wrinkled eggs. Apparently large-scale egg operations only sell perfectly shaped eggs as whole eggs, the wrinkled or misshapen eggs are used in powdered egg products or for processed foods so consumers won’t notice. A hen in Kazakhstan reportedly laid an egg with the word “Allah” inscribed in Arabic on it. Luckily the hen’s owner found the inscription before topping his toast with the egg, or he would have missed the burn mark of Jesus on the toast. Just kidding.

In any case, I’m not sure if I’m going to eat the egg or not. I would guess the problem is that the hen was old, which isn’t really much of a problem, unless you are trying to eat the hen herself, in which case she might be a bit on the stringy side. What do you think? Should I eat it or just make fun of it?

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