Newsflash: African Violets Are Not Poisonous To Toddlers!

Yesterday I put Hannah down for her morning nap in her pack-and-play, which I had set up near my mom’s wicker plant stand. On top of the plant stand was a lovely set of African Violets. What a peaceful environment for a nap. An hour and a half later, I went to get Hannah up and found her sitting in her pack-and-play, covered from head to toe in dirt and bits of torn up violets. She was quite pleased with herself for making her own snack. Dirt was coming out of her nose, ears, and mouth. Apparently Hannah had used her go-go-Gadget arms to pull the plants into her bed, and then lobbed the parts she didn’t want to eat, play with, or smear around out of the pack-and-play and on to the white carpet.

Best of all, we were supposed to be leaving the house in five minutes. ARGH!!!!!

Josh raced to the computer to determine if violets are poisonous (they aren’t) while I tried to clean our daughter up from the effects of her misadventure. I got her pretty well cleaned, but she did look like a street urchin all day with dirt bits in her ears and so forth.

It was one of those days when everything takes longer than it should and unexpected crises keep popping up. But we managed and were glad to meet Laura and John’s new baby, Jack, and Martin and Heather’s new baby, Dylan. I even got to hold Jack for a little while, which was really fun. I love tiny babies! It’s hard to believe that just 10 months ago Hannah was that small too!

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