"Pimp My Church"

Yesterday was exciting. We went to the morning service at our church, and Hannah made it almost halfway through the sermon before I had to take her to the nursing mothers room to practice sitting quietly. You know that old adage: “a mouth full of Cheerios is much less likely to shout “DADA” at inopportune moments during church.” We know that training Hannah to sit through church is a long road, but we trust that it will pay off in the end. I was glad to be able to hear the sermon myself as I thought it was a particularly encouraging message about prayer and how Jesus is ever interceding for us.

After church we went up to Lafayette to visit with the Olivettis. We had a very tasty lunch and good conversation. Hannah didn’t seem too interested in the baby, but liked Charlie and Isabel’s toys.

We went to evening service at Immanuel RPC, the church plant Jared Olivetti is pastoring in West Lafayette. It was a great service, but before I get into that, let me just set the scene for you.

Immanuel meets in a Seventh Day Adventist church building. The sanctuary is like a low budget 1970s film set. Jared said someone in the congregation described the look as “pimp my church” and yeah, that pretty much sums it up. The pews are cushioned with a sort of old, nappy velour in a garish neon orangey-red color. The carpet sports a dizzying geometric design in black and the neon organgey-red of the cushions. Most interestingly, the ceiling is covered in glitter! So that’s special. Surprisingly, there is not a big mirrored disco ball above the pulpit, but it would not have been out of place.

That said, the service was so good that my mind was not distracted by the decor in the slightest. Jared preached on Colossians 2:16-23 and our tendency to be snared by “Jesus AND…” heresies.

On the way home, I called my dad to wish him a happy birthday. If you forgot that yesterday was my dad’s birthday, well, you had better rectify that situation.

We got home late, but Josh and I both felt that it had been a particularly enjoyable, refreshing, and uplifting Lord’s Day.

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