It’s a Jungle Out There

What is it about precipitation that makes otherwise sane (presumably) individuals start driving like crazed 14 year olds in stolen golf carts? It doesn’t take much, just a little rain or snow, and all of a sudden the road is clogged with nincompoops on cell phones careening about in giant skidding SUVs.

When we lived in DC, Josh used to say that DC drivers are nimrods and people in the Heartland know how to handle weather. Riiiiiiiiiight. Now that I’ve lived here a while, I know otherwise.

I dunno, maybe I’m being harsh, but is it THAT hard to turn on your lights when you turn on your windshield wipers? Is it THAT hard to obey normal traffic laws, or did I fall asleep during Mr. Kartchner’s Driver’s Ed class when he explained that all laws are null and void when wet weather occurs? I guess if you had Mr. Kartchner for Driver’s Ed, you’d probably forgive me if I did fall asleep in the class, although, for the record, I never did. It was heinous boring though y’all, seriously.

Luckily tomorrow the rain is supposed to stop, so my chances of survival during my Christmas shopping trip will increase considerably. Joy to the world!

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