Happy Thanksgiving

We spent Hannah’s first Thanksgiving with my family in Northern Virginia. It was a cast of thousands (almost) as Hannah’s fans gathered from far and wide to watch her partake of her first feast. My brother Thomas was there, as was my aunt Fran, my aunt Catherine and her husband Stan, and my maternal grandparents. We went to the Thanksgiving service at my parents’ church while the turkey roasted.
My mom made this adorable blouse and smocked jumper for Hannah. As you can see, Hannah was overjoyed to be the center of so much attention!
I read Hannah a book about kittens that my great grandmother gave to me when I was Hannah’s age. Hannah liked learning about kittens, but she is not allowed to learn about them in real life since her daddy is deathly allergic to cats.

Here is Hannah playing with her great aunt Catherine

The family sat down to a delightful dinner of turkey with dressing, sweet potato cranberry casserole (so far superior to that disgusting marshmallow stuff, I can’t even tell you), cranberry salad, green beans, and a pumpkin caramel pecan roll for dessert. Hannah ate a healthy portion of everything and especially relished the cranberry salad. She did not get dessert because she’s active enough as it is without giving her a sugar high. It was fun to spend the day with family and reflect on all of the things we are thankful for this year.

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