Three Down, Ninety-Seven To Go

Apparently the world’s longest marriage on record lasted 83 years. That’s great and all, but just so you know, Josh and I plan to live at least until our 100th anniversary. I know what you’re thinking, Josh better start exercising! 🙂 The incentive, other than that we will get to enjoy each other’s company for 100 golden years, is that Josh promised me a cruise for our 100th anniversary. When our memories start to fade, as will probably happen sometime before we get to our 120s, I will make a big banner (large print so we can see it) to remind him of his promise. It’s going to be so rad – I will be so old that I will be able to eat whatever I want, wear formal wear all day long (I’ve always thought it would be fun to jump in a pool wearing a sequined ball gown), and I will be able to say the darndest things because old people can get away with stuff like that! It’s going to be sweet. Best of all, I will be enjoying a great vacation with Josh, who is my favorite person to hang around with ever. We’re going to be such funny old people, wait and see!

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