In our house, when someone is sick, that person is called “Sicky-lene” until he or she recovers. Adding “lene” to names is a big thing with us, I can’t really explain it.

Anyway, I have been a sicky-lene for several days now, and Hannah has been running a fever for two days, which is making her fussy and requires that Mama hold her during every waking moment. I’m not sure how me holding her helps her feel better, but apparently being anywhere else is not acceptable. Since she’s usually not very cuddly, I have to say I’ve been enjoying holding her!

Today Hannah was supposed to get a flu shot. For some reason, in our county, if you are under 9 years of age and want a flu shot, you have to get it from the Health Department which is in Greenfield 35 minutes away from us. At least it’s free there! I made the appointment last week. Yesterday I wondered if they would give the shot since Hannah had a fever, but I thought maybe it would be gone by today. This morning it was 101.7. Since our appointment was first thing in the morning I didn’t have time to call and ask about the fever before we left. When we arrived at 8am, I mentioned to the nurse that Hannah had the fever.

“Oh, sorry,” she said, “We only give shots to kids with fevers under 101. You’ll have to reschedule.”


Since we were over there anyway, I got a library card from the county library and checked out two books (one of which I already decided not to read because it had a stupid beginning).

Now Hannah is napping and I must go hang out the diapers. It’s supposed to freeze tonight, which is really too bad since I have about 15 zinnias about to bloom. Oh well.

When and if we ever start feeling better, I will try to write a more entertaining post!

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