I’m Not Dead Yet!

Since I haven’t posted in a week I thought I should assure everyone that I am indeed still alive (and it’s not my nose, it’s a false one!). I just haven’t been on the computer at all because I’ve been sidelined by 24 hour “morning” sickness. So if you’ve emailed me and wondered why I have not responded, now you know I’m not just ignoring you! Finally the doctor prescribed some medicine for me to take to keep the nausea at manageable levels, but the medicine leaves me sleepy and dizzy, such that I can’t be counted on to stand up without falling over! Today I’m not taking the medicine during the day because I figured it’s better to feel sick but be alert to take care of Hannah. Thank goodness Josh has been home to help out!!!

I did get one brief respite Saturday afternoon when the medicine started wearing off but the nausea didn’t come back right away, so I was able to go to Andy and Beth’s wedding reception and even eat some real food for the first time in two weeks! Yay! However the next day was worse again.

Please be praying for us as Josh is having to do a lot to keep up with a sick wife, an active baby, plus his usual stuff. We go to the doctor for an ultrasound on Thursday so hopefully we’ll find out that I’m further along than we thought so the sickness will go away sooner!

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