Works For Me: Dryer Sheet Shine Up

Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer hosts a weekly feature called Works-for-Me-Wednesday. I keep forgetting to write something for it, but this week I decided to let you in on a little tip that probably sounds really, really weird. But hear me out.

Around here, we have very hard water that leaves little drop marks all over faucets, sinks, countertops, etc. This is especially a problem in our bathroom; it drives me crazy. I clean the bathroom two or three times a week, but in between cleanings it looks like I have not cleaned since we moved in because of the drops all over everything. My solution? No, it’s not to clean the bathroom three times a day (I am obsessive but not that obsessive). Rather, I save used dryer sheets in a drawer under the sink and pull one out whenever I notice the drops. I quickly sweep the dryer sheet over the faucet, sink, and countertops. Without scrubbing or effort, the fixtures are then free of drop marks and very shiny, as if I just cleaned the bathroom. In a pinch, this also works on the mirror, although you have to make sure the sheet is very dry or it leaves streaky marks.

Again, please let me insert that this is NOT an alternative to cleaning, just a tip that will keep your bathroom sparkly BETWEEN cleanings.

Anyway, it works for me!

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