Frugal Friday

Just under the wire! Crystal from Biblical Womanhood has started a new feature called “Frugal Fridays.” I plan to join in on occasion, since frugality is a good skill I am always trying to hone. 🙂

I do not generally do my errands on Friday night. However, tonight I did all of the grocery shopping and a few other errands after Hannah went to bed (early since she is on strike against taking naps, sigh). Why, you might ask, did I go shopping on Friday night when I could have been dancing a jig or juggling or doing any number of fascinating things at home?

The answer is the football sale at Meijer. I am not one to miss a sale, and tonight between 9pm and 1am Meijer had a giant sale. I usually don’t buy foods like Coke and chips, but every now and then it’s nice to get Josh a treat, and today was like Christmas when I unloaded the car. I got two 2 liter bottles of Coke for 39 cents each, two full-size Freschetta pizzas for 99 cents each, and two bags of Doritos for 99 cents each. There were other sales, like buy one get two free etc of which I also took advantage. The point of the sale, of course, was football, and there were Colts cheerleaders signing autographs, but I didn’t wait in line for that, although I would have if an actual Colts football player had been there. If there were any Colts on the premises, they were incognito just shopping for bargains like the rest of us. Not that I would have recognized them. Well maybe Peyton Manning, but probably not the rest of the roster. Sorry.

ANYWAY, shopping on Friday night was a frugal way to get some treats for my wonderful and talented husband, and I also derived immense satisfaction from the fact that my receipt informed me that my total savings EXCEEDED my total expenditures. I love that!

So there you have it folks, Frugal Friday. If you’re reading this before 1am, you too could enjoy great savings at Meijer. 🙂

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