Frugal Friday: Free Gift Cards

My Frugal Friday tip is to join My Points and get free gift cards. My dad referred me to My Points in May, and since then I have earned TWO $25 gift cards from Barnes and Noble. Here is how it works: you join My Points, and get 5 points for clicking on emails they send you (a couple a day) 10-50 points for taking surveys, points for signing up for email newsletters, and lots of points for buying things you were already going to buy online from normal retailers you have heard of and trust.

For example, I use Lancome concealer. Normally, I buy it from a department store, and have to pay tax and usually wind up having to buy some other product to meet the minimum amount to get a free gift. Through My Points, I got my concealer sent to me with free shipping, lots of free gifts, paid no sales tax, AND got 2,500 points (3,250 points buys you a $25 gift card). In another example, Hannah needed a new carseat, so I got it from Target through My Points and got about 2,250 points plus the exact carseat I wanted (our Target doesn’t carry many options in store) and paid for it in gift cards from our baby showers so that was even better.

You don’t have to redeem your points for Barnes and Noble gift cards, that is just what I do since my “books I want” list is a mile long. Or maybe two miles. You can also get gift cards from grocery stores, department stores, music stores, Walmart/Target type stores, and so forth.

If you’re interested in trying out My Points, please send me at email at chgillespie{at}gmail{dot}com (put in the @ sign and the . of course) so I can send you a referral. That way I will get a few points for you joining if you were going to join anyway.

It’s hard to get more frugal than free. Unless you’re Crystal (who hosts Frugal Friday) who actually gets paid to use groceries. If you missed her ongoing series on frugal grocery shopping tips, make sure to check it out here.

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