I love the Fall. Each season has it’s merits, but Autumn is a particular delight. The weather is still warmish, leaves are turning but plants still live, and one begins to feel less funny about making desserts composed of apples and pumpkin (that is, if one is wont to make desserts from apples and pumpkins year ’round, as I am…). Fall colors, light sweaters, not perishing from heat and humidity – all treasures after a long summer.

Naysayers may attept to convince you that Fall begins on September 21. This theory, however, though it may seem plausible initially, results is quite unsatisfactory breakdowns in the rest of the year. Would you have me believe that December is actually Fall? Clearly, December is Winter. Likewise, June is Summer, not Spring.

Therefore, I conclude that the year is logically broken down thusly and so:

Spring: March, April, May
Summer: June, July, August
Fall: September, October, November
Winter: December, January, February

Dissenters may keep their opinions to themselves, I will have none of it. It is Autumn, my friends, a time for brining in the sheaves, giving thanks, pulling out your sweaters, and indulging in heaps upon heaps of apple- and pumpkin-based delicacies. Let us rejoice!

{The painting above is Monet’s “Poplars on the Banks of the River Epte in the Autumn”}

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