Any Recommendations?

Here is what I’m looking for:

1) Good Bible memory songs that are not inane. I have been trying to find some CDs to play while Hannah and I are playing so that she (and I) can be concurrently memorizing Scripture. Most of what I’ve found is…painfully bad musically. And if the music is awful, we won’t listen to it much, since Hannah’s daddy is a bit of a snob about that sort of thing (in a good way!). Also I’m not looking for something that is mostly Psalms, since we already have several Psalm CDs that are set the way we sing them in church, and I like that so Hannah can learn to sing things we actually sing in worship (if she ever learns to sing, here I am jumping the gun again!)

2) Suggestions for how to study/memorize the catechism. I remember Jared did a post on what they do a while back, and Shannon suggested some CDs, but when we listened to the demo clips, Josh thought they WERE a bit too Jewel-esque, as Shannon had warned. I’m not just looking for audio, any tips would be helpful.

3) Music featuring classic hymns in four-part harmony. Preferably the accompaniment would not be of the “I got a Casio keyboard for Christmas!” variety, if you know what I mean.My sister-in-law pointed me to as a resource, but sadly I can’t get the preview part to work through our browser and I can’t bring myself to buy something unheard…

If anyone has any CDs that fit this category that they would be willing to loan us to try (I guess that would be people in Central Indiana) that would be fabulous.

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