Thoughts on Sewing

The thing about sewing is, I’m not very good at details. I like concepts, which is why the project outline part of sewing appeals to me, but when it gets down to things like exactly matching edges, getting tight gathers, finishing edges, buttonholes, and so forth, I get impatient with the detail. I throw up my hands and say, “Oh well it’s good enough!” when a skilled seamstress (like my mom) would just buckle down and do it right. The worst part is, I’m also a perfectionist (frequent readers around the world just exclaimed “DUH!”) so even though I cut corners while sewing, I get frustrated at myself for doing it. It’s a lethal cocktail.

Still, I’m trying to get better at sewing. To that end, I diligently made three shopping cart covers before our trip last month. Each turned out better than the one I made for Hannah, thanks in large part to several brilliant suggestions from my mom. I think I’m done making shopping cart covers for a while now. They take longer than you’d imagine. The purple cover below was for Jennifer T.’s new baby Morgan, and I also made one in astronaut print for Baby Etner and one with a blue seat and red with white stars top for Baby Boland. Hannah of course got a dress from the purple leftovers, but I’m saving the boy prints for if/when she ever gets a brother!

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