Quoits? Of Quorse!

Hannah has an ABC book that I hope is teaching her the alphabet. It has the uppercase and lowercase of each letter, with pictures of a few objects that start with that letter. You know, “Big A, little a, apple!” and so forth.

I have been wondering, though, about the letter Q. The book has Big Q, little q, and then pictures of a quilt, a queen, and some stacking rings like the ones pictured on the left, labeled “quoits.” Quoits? Who calls stacking rings quoits? Hannah has some stacking rings just like the ones in the picture. The Filsons gave them to her at the baby shower. She really likes them. And all this time I’ve been calling them stacking rings and not quoits! I began to fear that Hannah’s psyche might have been damaged by my apparently egregious mislabeling.

I hate being incorrect, so I did a little research on quoits. It turns out that quoits is a pub game that is quite popular in Pennsylvania. In fact, according to the website “Quoits Direct” quoits is “Pennsylvania’s Best Kept Secret!” Hey Heather E, is that true? And here all this time I thought Pennsylvania’s best kept secret was Yueng Ling… According to the pictures though, quoits is a game involving throwing rings onto sticks, not really a stacking rings scenario. Even kiddie quoits games are more like backyard events like a ring toss.

The Fisher-Price website and various other toy spots refer to the toy as “stacking rings” just like I did. So I don’t know what’s up with this ABC book. Maybe I’ll paste a picture of something else beginning with Q on that page, to cover up the bogus “quoits.”

Any votes for the replacement image?

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