I took this picture in my mom’s garden a few days ago. She likes to plant things that attract butterflies, and the one in this picture particularly caught my eye with the blue markings on its wings. After I took the picture, I noticed that one of the butterfly’s wings had a huge chunk missing, as if a cat had taken a bite out of it. The butterfly had a difficult time flying, which was quite evident as he flitted around amongst the flowers and healthy butterflies.

I’m in the mood to wax philosophical about this interesting circumstance. It seems to me that there are at least two ways one can look at this butterfly.

1) Here’s a butterfly who looks good in pictures, but who is severely handicapped, bless his heart.

2) Here’s a butterfly who is severely handicapped who nonetheless manages to look beautiful in pictures.

I prefer perspective two. It is, perhaps, a subtle distinction, blown somewhat out of proportion by the fact that I’m veritably FAMISHED and that is making me a little punchy.

And now dinnah!

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