The Wild, Wild World of Family Vacations

This weekend we took our very first family vacation. OK, we were only gone for 24 hours, but we took so much gear, it felt like we were going to be gone for several months. Josh gamely loaded the pack and play, the stroller, a suitcase, a bag of baby equipment, the diaper bag, and the baby into the car, and we were off.

Josh and Hannah take in the sights at IU

We drove down to Bloomington, IN to check out the Indiana University campus and the Bloomington area in general, in case it works out for Josh to get a masters there starting next fall. The area is so pretty, and I have to say that the campus is prettier than Purdue, and has so many garden areas and wooded paths – I could walk there for a long time without getting bored. We did in fact hike around for a long time, and it was fun to take a walk as a family. After about 45 minutes of walking, we realized that Hannah had jettisoned her little hat. I knew I should have sewed some elastic to it! It was too late to retrace our steps, we will just hope that a deserving little girl finds the hat and is able to get some use out of it! Since Hannah was hatless, we stopped in at the Student Union and let Hannah try on some IU hats. She found one she liked, so we got it for her.

“Look, Mama, no hat! I lost it, on purpose! Ha!”

“I like this hat better than the old one!”

Eventually, we made our way to our hotel. After years of too many business trips, I’ve accumulated a few Marriott points, so we were able to stay free. When we arrived, I proved myself to be an expert finagler by convincing the desk clerk that we needed to be upgraded. Instead of a bottom of the line queen bed room, I got us upgraded to a top of the line King suite! Yes, I’m a force to be reckoned with when it comes to negotiation! The suite was nice in that it allowed us to put Hannah down for naps and bedtime while Josh and I could be awake and talking or watching TV in the other room.

Before bed, I took Hannah to the pool for her very first swim. She wore a very cute pink swimsuit that her Grammy gave her. Despite her cuteness, she was none too pleased with the swimming concept. I don’t know if the water was too cold, or the other kids in the pool were too loud and splashy, or if she was just completely tuckered out from the long day, but she cried and so finally I took her out and let her splash around in the tub in our room to get the chlorine off of her, and she enjoyed that much more!

“I hate this, Mommy!”

This morning we went to the Bloomington RP church which is not far from the campus. We really enjoyed it, admired the pretty church building, found the members to be quite friendly, and thought the sermon was great. It’s exciting to know that if we do wind up moving down there, we’d have a good church home close by.

We had intended to spend the afternoon in Bloomington too, but since we were all tired, we just drove home after church. I thought it was funny that the drive from Bloomington RP to our house was only 20 minutes longer than the drive from 2nd RP (our church in Indianapolis) to our house! Sheesh!

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