Waging War With the Gnasties

Yesterday I became convinced that I need to add more disinfecting and sterilizing to my housekeeping routines. To that end, I decided to bleach all of my dishtowels and cloths that I use to wipe down the sink and counters etc. It was all fun and games until I realized too late that bleach….well….bleaches things. That was no problem for my mostly-white Williams-Sonoma dishtowels, but the dishtowel that was formerly a nice shade of moss green is now a not-so-nice shade of mottled taupe. Oh well, at least it’s not germy! I also disinfected my kitchen drains with bleach water, and changed the way I clean the floor, plus I scrubbed down our entire tub/shower area and got us a new shower curtain. Taking dominion over germs is a great feeling! Now if only I could convince the dog to stop perpetually shedding all over the carpet, I might feel safe letting Hannah crawl!

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