Tea Review: Harrod’s Rose Petal Tea

This morning since I woke up very early (not on purpose), I decided to reward myself for getting a lot accomplished by enjoying a lovely pot of tea. After admiring the still life created by said pot, I decided to drink some lovely tea as well. For my treat I chose my favorite tea, Harrod’s Rose Petal.

This tea, tin shown at left, is truly scrumptious. First, the tin is pretty.

Second, I got it when I was in London on business, which brings back fond memories of London, which is one of my favorite cities. Harrod’s has a very fun food section where I got this tea, and also some delicious rose-flavored biscuits that are long gone.

Third, as you can see from the next picture, the tea actually has real dried rose petals in it. How fun is that? It’s really pretty, I wish you could see it in real life. Since it’s loose tea, you must use either a tea strainer or a tea ball to brew it, but I have both so not to sweat.

Also pictured is a cup of the brewed tea, so you can see the color. It’s a little more pink than a regular black tea. The aroma is light but distinctly evokes a rose garden: not in a fake scented soap fashion, but like a real garden in bloom, perhaps after a light spring rain.

Without sugar, the tea tastes like black tea, but milder. To truly enjoy this tea, however, you simply must add sugar. Once sugar is applied you can taste the roses! It’s difficult to describe, but the tea tastes like roses smell, but in a delicate, never cloying, manner. It’s so lovely. Sigh.

I wish that I could have you all over for a tea party so that you could partake of this wonderful beverage with me, which would also give me an excuse to brew another pot of it!

Inspired by Mama, Hannah and her friends had a tea party too!

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